Finally! It rained in Cabo!

With apologies to our visitors who came to enjoy the beautiful sunshine of los Cabos, IT FINALLY RAINED!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!

We had not had a nice rain like this in what seems like years! It surely puts us out of our daily patterns a bit but the long term benefits far outweigh the temporary inconveniences. The landscaping all over town is looking green (finally) and the cattle are happy to have food everywhere! lol.. We really enjoyed the rain; it’s not often we get this much water without the side effect of hurricane winds!

We didn´t have any major damages at La Jolla besides a dirty pool and dust everywhere! lol.. Things are back to normal and the pools & grounds are looking better than ever! The staff did a great job getting everything cleaned up in a couple of days!

Also, the government send a really cool beach cleaning machine that has been removing all the garbage left out after the storm from the seashore. I´m attaching a few pics so you get to see it. Cool huh?

Here are a few pics of the effects of the rain in San Jose & Cabo San Lucas, pretty bad, right? but day by day the streets are looking better and things are getting back to normal! This was a much needed rain and more beneficial than unfortunate. We at La Jolla are back to normal! Thumbs up to all the staff! Look forward to see you all soon!

Celebration Time!!! Mexico wins soccer gold medal, 2-1

Mexico is celebrating our first ever Olympic soccer gold medal!!! Mexicans all over the country are waving our flag and the ones in Mexico City even took a victory lap around the capital’s landmark Angel of Independence statue where crowds are continuing to gather to celebrate. La Jolla is not the exception! We all watched the game at the office.. This is a BIG, HUGE day for all of us!! Hope you watched the game and cheered for the Mexican team!!! Saludos!!!