Online Survey.. Access Link Coming Soon!

Greetings from sunny Cabo!  survey

Please receive our best wishes on behalf La Jolla´s family! We hope you are having a nice summer wherever you may be!

The Board informed the Assembly on our last meeting about their idea of having a survey among all the homeowners at La Jolla. The access link will be posted on this website starting June 1st and will be available for a month. We understand that sometimes husband & wife or multiple owners have different opinions, so you all are welcome to respond to it.

If you don´t have the capability to access the survey thru the internet, please feel free to contact me at so I can mail it to you directly. Remember that your feedback is really important to us, so we encourage you to tell your friends & neighbors about it! It is a quick questionnaire that will help us to discover your expectations and improve our complex.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation! We look forward to hearing from you soon!