La Jolla´s Survey Results

Good news! The Board is pleased to announce that La Jolla´s survey was a complete success!  We had such great participation and want to express our appreciation for taking the time out of your busy schedules to complete it. Your input is very important to the future of La Jolla!

Please click here and find an Executive Summary Report that compiles the questionnaire results. These will be broadly discussed at our annual meeting on Saturday, November 2nd, so please do your best to attend, your presence is really really really important. If for any reason you are unable to join us, please feel free to send a proxy format; I can email it to you without a problem. It is important to be aware that each owner can hold two proxies to be voted at the General Assembly meeting. You may designate any owner in good standing to vote your proxy.

Thank YOU all again for your participation. We appreciate your enthusiasm for La Jolla matters and look forward to receiving your continuous feedback. Please keep it coming! We love to hear from you!

Muchas gracias!