La Jolla´s Turtle Expert!

La Jolla has become an important nesting beach in the San Jose area. Temperature, humidity, rainfall, and other factors influence incubation, so because of the rain that we have had, turtles have been hatching in our beach a lot! Tereso took a special curse and now is certified to protect the turtles and supervise the nests. Up to today, we have more than 1000 eggs under incubation, so get ready to see the little babies on your next trip!

Tropical Storm Juliette

Greetings to all from rainy Cabo!

Tropical Storm Juliette passed over Los Cabos area last night and left about 3 inches of rain. We didn´t have any damages at La Jolla and thanks God everything is getting back to normal. Today is still cloudy but no rain so far..

Have a wonderful day!