Something to Remember: ICE BREAKING PARTY!!!

Hello to all! We love to see more & more owners arriving to beautiful La Jolla! We love to have you around! Just wanted to remind you all about our traditional Potluck Party! It will be celebrated on Wednesday, October 30th starting at 5:30 pm at the Arroyo Seco area. Feel free to bring a dish, your own drinks and a great attitude! For the complete invitation please click here. Thanks!

Nominating Committee Message

To: Homeowners of La Jolla de Los Cabos

From: The Nominating Committee of La Jolla de Los Cabos

As you know, Civil Association I holds all properties of Cluster I HOA, and Civil Association II serves as administrator of Cluster I HOA.  All Cluster I homeowners are members of Civil Association II.

The Board of these Civil Associations has five members.  Each member serves for a term of two years. There are two Board vacancies to be filled this year. Bill Shurtleff, Ken Kimble & Ray Robertson will continue to serve the second year of their two year terms.

The Board of Civil Association II represents the membership in the hiring of the manager and has direct oversight of the operation of the condominium regime. This Board meets three times a year in February, June and November.  Each of these meetings lasts about one week.

To comply with the Bylaws of Cluster I HOA these same Board members will be elected to serve a term of one year on the Cluster I HOA Board.

Both of these elections will take place at the General Assembly Meeting scheduled for Saturday, November 2nd, 2013.  There will be a social gathering Wednesday evening, October 30th, at which event the homeowners will be able to visit with the candidates.

The Nominating Committee is pleased to report that the two Board members whose terms expire this year will seek re-election to serve another term of two years. They are Marg Hedges & Jerry Kurrle.

If you are also interested in placing your name in nomination please submit a brief statement of the relevant experience you bring to La Jolla, your vision for its future, the amount of time you expect to spend there and your availability for meetings.

Please send this information to the Nominating Committee:

 Tim Abramoff                                                    Barb Abramoff


Also copy this information for posting on the La Jolla website to:

Ileana Ceseña


La Jolla´s Nominating Committee

Important Announcement: AGM Agenda 2013

Morning morning!

Time runs fast and our Assembly General Meeting is around the corner! As you know, it will be held this upcoming Saturday, November 2nd at the Arroyo Seco area. First call will be at 7:30 am requiring a quorum of 90%; second call will be at 8:00 am requiring a quorum of 51%. Third and final call will be at 8:30 am where those present will constitute the quorum.

For your information, attached please find the AGM agenda. The proposed budget will be handed to you a couple of days prior to the meeting. Feel free to contact me for any questions or comments.

If for any unfortunate reason you are unable to attend, enclosed find the proxy format. It can be assigned to any other homeowner that will be able to vote in your absence.

Please do your best to join us at the annual meeting. Remember that your attendance is really important for us and we look forward to have you here! Thanks!