Painting Update

Good news!!! Our painting project is about to start!! E & F building will be power washed tomorrow morning so please take your precautions. We will let you know as soon as we have the exact starting date of the rest of the buildings. Have a wonderful day!

After Blanca

Dear Homeowners,

I am so glad to inform you all, Tropical Storm Blanca is far from Los Cabos now.

Yesterday, around 4 p.m. we started feeling the effects of a few light rain and some mild winds. Luckily, it was considerably less than what the forecast had announced.

Early this morning, the staff started working on the  clean-up of the common areas, and even sun already came out and there is hardly a grey cloud in the sky.

Please see photos of La Jolla this morning:

common areas f building Pool D

Hurricane Blanca update

Later this weekend, Blanca will take aim at Baja California Sur but will also significantly weaken in the process. Once Blanca tracks north of Socorro Island, water temperatures are dramatically cooler and will cause it to weaken.

Forecast expects  that Blanca should weaken to a tropical storm prior to making landfall, likely well to the north of Cabo San Lucas and near Puerto San Carlos, Sunday night or early Monday morning.  We will continue informing you as much as we can.

Here at La Jolla, we are already  prepared for “Blanca”.  Please see photos below:

blancaBlanca prepLa Jolla team



Hurricane Blanca

Dear Homeowners:

As you may already be aware of, Hurricane Blanca has formed in the Pacific Ocean. At the moment, it is located south Mexico.  For this weekend, a track toward Baja California is expected; however, moving over cooler waters would result in significant weakening prior to a potential landfall in southern Baja California. Even though Blanca will be weakening as it approaches Baja California, the storm will bring the threat of  winds and flooding rainfall this weekend with landfall either Saturday night or Sunday.

Its trayectory towards Baja could change and open into the Pacific, which we hope so. We we are continously checking the forecast and getting prepared.

You can check the forecast on the following websites:

Hurricane Blanca