Important information

Dear Homeowners:

Please find below Mexican Government guideline information on regards to false calls.  We´ve noticed an increase on this kind of hoaxes, and it is better to be prepared in case you receive a call in your landline while in Mexico.

Please share it with whoever you may think will be useful too: Important information

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the HOA Office.

Mexican Customs guidelines

Often we got asked at the HOA Office what kind of articles can Homeowner´s bring along on their luggage when travelling to Mexico.                                                                     Please click below for the latest Mexican Customs guidelines for passengers entering Mexico.

Mexican custom guidelines

We hope this information is helpful for all of you!                                                               HOA Office

Kid´s Christmas Party 2016

The Children Christmas party was succesfully held last Saturday, December 5th.         The staff kids and Family had a blast; between the fun activities with Pichicuas, breaking two piñatas, enjoyed delicious hot dogs and cupcakes,  plus  having a very special gift from Santa!

We will like to thank and recognize  Linda Evenson (E 303), for her invaluable help, effort, support, for the last 9 years as head of the Children´s Christmas Party committee. She truly has made a terrific job.   We will also like to announce that starting 2016, Brenda Stevens (E 203), will be taking over. Good luck for both of them on their new proyects!

Special thanks to  the rest of the ladies, such as Barb Kurrle (F 309),  Lori Guichon         (G 303), Judy Hackel (F 206), Barb Abramoff (D 102), Darlene Rauser (C 309). All of their contribution and the rest of the Homeowner´s support, truly make possible such a beautiful Celebration for the Staff Kids!

Wish you all the best of the Holidays and look forward to see you soon!

Here are some pictures of the Party: