A couple of remiders


We hope you are all enjoying your summer!  La Jolla looks beautiful with bloomed flowers and trees everywhere, wish you where all here!

A couple of reminders for this low season:

Have you renewed your own Condo Insurance policy?  Prior the start of the rainy season, it may be a good idea to revise your policy and check if it is still valid, or you may need to renew it.

For those of you who have hurricane shutters: Have you already put them on place? You are entitled to put them up from May 1st till October 31st. Better do it now!!

Please don´t forget to check out our 2 Candidates running for a position on the Board of Directors this year.  To see their Resumes please click below on the following links:

Terren Roloff´s Resume

Tony Stevens Resume

Keep enjoying the summer and see you all on the Fall/Winter season!!!


Candidates to the Board of Directors

As you all know we will be having elections for candidates to the Board of Directors on the upcoming Annual Meeting held Saturday November 5th, 2016.

The Nominating Committee has received a couple of e-mails from some  Homeowners, who will like to know some more information from the Candidates. Basically three questions have been asked:

1)  What you hope to contribute to La Jolla.

2) What is your envision for La Jolla?

3) How much time do you spend at La Jolla annually?

Also please note we have a new candidate running for a position on the Board of Directors this year.  Her name is Terren Roloff and she owns unit C-305.

Please click on the following links for each candidate´s Resume.

Tony Stevens Resume

Terren Roloff´s Resume