Dear Homeowners,

As you already know, Hurricane Newton, who was first pronosticated to be a Tropical Storm, was quickly changed to a Hurricane Category 1.

It stroke Cabo early morning of yesterday (Tuesday September 6th). We had both winds and rain. Luckily both La Jolla and rest of the town, including La Jolla´s staff are doing well. There is lots to be cleaned, but nothing compared to 2 years ago with Odile.

We feel very blessed.

Please find below the report we just did on each individual unit. Overall units are doing 100% good. Very minor damages to report.

c-building d-building e-building f-building g-building

La Jolla´s team is super busy taking care of the grounds and cleaning,etc. We appeal for your patience on getting back to your emails.

Thanks for your support,

HOA Office




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