AGM Proxy form

As you already know we are close to celebrate our Annual General Meeting, to be held on Saturday November 3rd, at 8:00 a.m. at the Arroyo Seco Area.

For those of you who will not be able to join us, remember that you may be represented by another homeowner via power of attorney instrument, (proxy). This representation may never exceed two representations in addition to the representative’s own.

For your convenience please find enclosed a Proxy format. Please make sure to submit it to the HOA Office before the AGM.

PROXY 2016

*On this meeting you will be choosing 3 new Board Members. Don´t forget to check the Candidates resumes  on this website under Board of Directors/ Candidates to the Board.

*There will also be a voting on Lori Guichon´s proposal, for  the construction of a bathroom for the common areas. (bathroom to be located on the Arroyo seco area).

If you should have any questions please contact the HOA Office.


Bel Air relationship follow up

Dear Homeowners,

We will like to inform you about the progress achieved so far on the meetings between Bel Air Hotel and us in Cluster 1, due to the closeness of both properties, especifically speaking of “D” and “C” Building, on regards to their pool deck activities, music noise, etc.

Agreements are as follow:

*Continue informing us in advance of any event hosted on their pool deck.  This so we can continue informing our Homeowners.

*Events will be during day or night, but no longer than 12am at night. After this time, if a venue is  extended, will be relocated elsewhere on their Property, but not close to “C” and “D” Building. Usually Party continues on their sky lounge that is located on the roof top of their new Building in front of their Restaurant (called Torre Cortez).

*Pool activities with Christian, will have a prudent volumen of noise,  music will be lounge type, in order for both parties to continue their activities without any disturbance.

*Bel Air´s General Manager  also informed about the progress on the old soccer field project:  They are currently building 2 big pools, that will host Christian activities, Kids club, etc.  She confirmed that Bel Air´s  current pool (behind “C” and “D” Building),  will  then have a new concept: Relaxing Pool, just for adults and no activities.

Bel Air expects this to happen  in the next couple of months when the 2 new pools be ready. Will keep track of it and continue to work on a cordial neighboring relationship with them in order to achieve the best for our Homeowners.

The Board of Directors will inform further on this information at the Annual Meeting coming on Saturday November 5th.

HOA Office



As you know La Jolla´s Master Trust was created on September 19th, 1990 for 30 years. It has 4 years left.

This is still a good time for  each Homeowner to investigate and determine if he/she is still attached to the master trust and have your current status.

The HOA Office has invited Lawyer Alicia Parra, from the Settlement Company to an Informational Meeting on Wednesday November 9th at 8:30 am at the Arroyo Seco Area.

Your attendance is really important, we hope you can all join us!

HOA Office



If you are having a difficult time finding out what to do with used batteries and where you can take them to be recycled or safely treated and disposed, please feel free to stop by the HOA Office.                Whether you have a AAA, AA, C, D Batteries, we will be able to send them to a local drop-off location who takes care of the recycle of such batteries.

Recycling of  is becoming more commonplace, but it can still be a challenge to find a local drop-off location.  We will continue to  work on this matters.

HOA Office

Recycle used batteries

Upcoming Bel Air Events

Dear Homeowners,

Please find below the list of upcoming  events at Bel Air Hotel for this Winter and for 2017.  Events will take place on their pool deck, close to the west side of “D” Building, and “C” Building.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The dates of the events are the following:

November 12, 2016:   Wedding, from 7pm to 12 am.

February 17th, 2017: Wedding, from 7pm to 12 am.

March 25th, 2017: Wedding, from 7pm to 12 am.

November 25th, 2017: Wedding, from 7pm to 12 am.

Please feel free to share this information  with your  guests/renters too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       HOA Office


A couple of Reminders…

High Season is almost here and we are looking forward to see you all soon at La Jolla!

Here are a couple of reminders to keep in mind and/or take in consideration before your arrival:

A)Cleaning of A/C units:  Hurricane Newton was all about wind and sand, make sure to service/clean your a/c units so all sand is removed from them.

B)Cleaning of your terraces: You may want to contact your cleaning lady so she takes care of your unit before your arrival. As mention before last Hurricane brought alot of sand to the terraces and sliding doors of almost every unit.

C)Remodelling season: If you are still on the process of a remodel/construction on your unit, please keep in mind Remodelling Season is soon to be finish. October 31st is the last day for this jobs to be taken care off. After this date no remodelling work can be authorized.

D)AGM: Annual General Meeting will be held next  Saturday November 5th, at the Arroyo Seco Area starting at 8:00 am. We hope that you are able to join us! If not, please feel free to contact the HOA Office for a proxie so you can assign your votes to another Homeowner that can represent you that day.

E)Candidates to the Board of Directors: We have 3 open positions to the Board of Directors, and we have 4 Candidates to cover this positions: Terren Roloff (C-306), Tony Stevens (E-203), Eric Stanton (F-305) and Ken Kimble (D-307), who will seek reelection for a 2 year term.  Don´t forget to check their Resume´s on La Jolla´s website: Go to main menu, then select Board of Directors / Candidates to the Board.

See you all soon!!!

HOA Office