Unfortunate announcement

It is with true sadness that we have to advise you of the passing of Christine Leithead, unit D-208; last Friday afternoon of an apparent heart attack at her home in Sidney B.C. Canada.

We so very much appreciated everything that Christine did for all of us at La Jolla. She was a wonderful women, and will be saddly missed by all.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Tony Guerard at this difficult time.

HOA Office


There are some new rules on the Phone Company that we thought important to share with you. Please note this will not affect anybody who already has a contract with Telmex. The new rules will apply only for the new customers hiring a contract with them.

*Setting up a contract with Telmex: If you want to hire phone and internet service through Telmex, this are the new requirements per law:

Green card (Temporary or Permanent Resident Card issued by Mexican Immigration Office).   The Contract will now have a cost of $1,310 pesos (around $69 usd), that will be charged in 18 months. Meaning that on top of your monthly bill ($389 pesos for the basic package of phone+internet), they will charge you an extra $73 pesos per month. If you want to cancel the contract before the 18 month period, they will charge you the remanent of the $1,310 pesos of the contract.

We really hope that on the near future Telmex changes their policies as we are sure they will start loosing some business here.

*Telmex is charging a $39 pesos ($2 usd) per month for an insurance. They are doing this to all customers around Mexico, without their authorization. If you will not like to be charged for it, please send an e-mail to Tita at: assistant@lajolladeloscabos.com.mx  She will be able to phone Telmex for you and have that charge removed at no cost for you. When asked what was this insurance about, not even Telmex had a good idea what it was for.

Hope this information is helpful for all of our Homeowners at La Jolla

Very Best,

HOA Office



Annual Homeowner´s Meeting 2016 took place last November 6th, 2015.

Minutes of this Meeting are ready and available for you to review.

Please click on the following link: Meeting Minutes La Jolla 2016

Thanks!                                                                                                                                      HOA Office