Dear Homeowners

There is some recent important information on HSBC Bank that we will like  to share with you.

 As you know, HSBC holds the Master Trust for La Jolla, and it will expire on the year 2020. 

We recently found out that the HSBC Trust office has been closed here in Cabo, and relocated to Guadalajara and Mexico City.

 1.How does this impact you?

 A)      It has become a little more complicated to pay the annual trust fees. 

B)      It may take longer to get you out of the Master Trust, since there is no longer a local Office to deal with. 

 2. How do you know if you are part of the Master Trust:

A)      If you pay your anual fees to HSBC Bank,  there is a high possibility that you are still part of the Master Trust.

B)      Have a lawyer check your Trust (Fideicomiso), for clarification of your scenario and recommendations.

C)      According to HSBC, there are  approximately  67 units on Cluster 1 that are still attached in some way or another to the Master Trust. But HSBC has also requested that if there is any other homeowner that is still on the Master Trust, and does not appear on their list, to contact HSBC as soon as posible.

 HSBC provided us a Master Trust List for Cluster 1, and a letter that they are handing out to their clients at both Bank locations (San Lucas and San Jose).  Please note we´ve translated the letter, since the original one is in Spanish. (Please see attachment): MASTER TRUST LIST (BYTE)

 3. How to pay your annual Trust fees:

 A)      Please send an email requesting your balance due to the following addresses (they will respond to you in English):

 Cinthia SALAZAR:


Limberg CETINA:

Arturo ORTIZ:

It is very important that you copy the 4 contacts on the email.

 B)      Include the number of the Trust #82368 and your personal Byte number (Byte number included on the Master Trust list attached to this email).

C)      They will provide you with a Clabe and reference number, amount due, and options of payment:  Mail check, wire Transfer, or option to pay directly at HSBC in Cabo or San José.

 We hope this information is helpful for all of you, and please feel free to share it with anyone you may think is also part of the Master Trust.


HOA Office