August Board Update

Greetings from your board.

This will be a shorter update than usual as much of the news this time of year is related to summer projects which Sofia reported on in her recent summer newsletter. Please be sure to read it as there are several great photos and updates.

As indicated in a recent Board announcement that you all received, Oscar Abadiano has accepted the position as Manager/Administrator for La Jolla. He will be working alongside Sofia during the month of August to become familiar with the position and to ensure a smooth transition for when Sofia leaves in September.

The board’s monthly teleconference meeting with Sofia and Oscar revealed several pieces of good news related to parking, traffic and security. Regarding security, we learned that the trailer park down the road from La Jolla has been cleaned up, which we believe will lead to fewer people living and hanging out there. Relatedly, the Board has agreed to have two security guards on duty at all times, rather than just at night. Sofia and Oscar will be reviewing the work schedule rotation and determine whether additional personnel are needed.

With regard to traffic and pedestrian congestion, as promised, Krystal has relocated their staff entrance to their new building so their employees will no longer be checking in next to the HOA office, and Krystal’s bus no longer drops off employees at their old entrance in front of our building. As well, our security staff and manager continue to monitor traffic on the common road.

On a related note, Michel Thenot, the manager at Krystal, met with Keith and Rich while they were in Mexico to interview candidates for the manager position. This was a meeting we’d long sought. They learned that Michel was unaware of some of the issues La Jolla, as well as the other Associations, were dealing with due to the ongoing Krystal construction. Specifically, the road traffic, employee check-in location, trash can location, road repaving and construction completion date were discussed.

Many thanks to Keith and Rich for making the trip to La Jolla for the interviews and for taking the time to meet with Mr. Thenot.

We hope you are having a great summer and are looking forward to a fall trip to La Jolla.

Your Board of Directors

Keith Hrubizna
Ken Kimble
Rich Rose
Terren Roloff
Tony Stevens