January Update

Dear homeowners,

As the board and staff prepare for the informational meeting which will be held on Saturday, March 3, we continue to make progress on a number of fronts.

Having reviewed bids for the reserve study approved at the annual meeting, we’ve selected McCaffery Reserve Consulting to help us determine the reserve we need for our financial security.

Both the board and the recently established Neighborhood Impact Committee have been working with Oscar to determine next steps to address issues related to Krystal. We feel that the best solution is to hire an attorney to answer lingering questions about road usage, damages, and rights related to encroachment. Once we have answers to our questions, we will better know how to move forward with Krystal.

Speaking of which, we are grateful that hotel staff have been cooperating on keeping the noise down at night and that our security officers have been diligent about monitoring it and reporting issues. Krystal has committed to stopping the music at 11 p.m. and closing the bar at midnight.

On a related note, we’ve promoted Leonardo Roblero to be the chief security officer. Leonardo has been with La Jolla for many years and has exhibited a willingness to grow his leadership skills.

As noted last month, the main water line broke and caused damage to the water treatment plant. Since then the city has repaired the main line and we’ve received bids to repair; we are moving forward with one of the vendors to start the repairs.

Also last month we noted that we were planning to rope off the border to define the beach concession but upon an owner complaint about the decision and a request to review previous meeting minutes, we were reminded that at the 2016 GA the rope along the front of the beach was discussed and was approved only on the sides of the beach concession. Therefore, the question of rope in the front of the beach would need to go to the assembly again for approval.

We still have extra tile from the hallway projects. If anyone is interested in buying it, we are charging half price, or 50 pesos per square meter. First come, first served. Please contact Oscar if interested.

Lastly, please remember that dues are due this month and that the informational meeting on the 3rd starts at 8:30. We hope to see you then!


The Board
Tony Stevens, President
Maye Anderson, Vice-President
Rich Rose, Treasurer
Terren Roloff, Secretary
Ken Kimble, Member-at-large