A couple of reminders prior the AGM 2018

Dear Homeowners,

As the upcoming Annual General Meeting date approaches we will like to remind you a couple of things:

Please remember that we have 3 Board positions to be filled in this year.   Terren Roloff and Ken Kimble will seek for re-election and we have 2 new candidates as well:  Bonnie Robertson (Unit F-109) and Pauline Lightfoot (Unit C-206). Unfortunately Tony Stevens will not be seeking for  re- election at this time.  We want to thank him for his service as President of the Board of Directors during the present year  and his work towards  La Jolla community along with Brenda Stevens.

In order to view our Candidates Resume please visit our Board Candidates section under Board of Directors section on the main menu of this website.

On a different note, Christine Kellerman (Unit F-207) will present a bathroom proposal during the AGM. We will shortly share this project to you prior the AGM.

If you are not able to join us at this time, please be sure to send your Proxy in, remember another Homeowner can represent you.

Looking forward to see you all,

HOA Office