Staff´s Children´s Christmas Party 2019

Dear Homeowners,

We want to invite you to the traditional Staff´s Children´s Christmas Party to be hold this Saturday, November 30th on the La Jolla gardens at 3:30 pm.

Many thanks to the committee who organized this event: Brenda Stevens, Tony Stevens, Lori Guichon and Judy Hackel.

We will like to give a special thank you to Brenda Stevens for the past years leading this committee; starting next year Chris Kellerman and Lori Guichon will continue as head of  the Committee.

Hope to see you all there.

HOA Office

Master Trust Meeting Minutes

Dear Homeowners,

Thursday November 14th we received at La Jolla a visit from Mexico City HSBC Head of the Trust Department, André Sacharié and Attorney Ilse Aguilar, Trust Department representative here in Los Cabos. The Meeting was an invitation to those homeowners who are still part of the La Jolla Master Trust and haven´t yet started the process of getting out of the Master Trust and establishing a new Trust with a different Bank.

If you have already gone through the process of getting out of the Master Trust and acquired a new 50-year Trust with a different Bank please inform the HOA Office, as Sofia and HSBC are updating the list of units that that are still in the Master Trust.

Please see find below the Minutes for the Master Trust Meeting.


La Jolla Master Trust

Dear Homeowner:

We will like to let you know HSBC representatives from Mexico City will come to share important information regarding La Jolla Master Trust. The meeting will be held on Thursday, Nov. 14th at 9:30 am at the arroyo seco area. For those homeowners that are still part or in the process to get out of La Jolla Master Trust.

We strongly recommend your assistance.

HOA Office