Washroom Update for Homeowners

June 26th, 2020

Dear Homeowners,

We hope this finds you all well and healthy.

We would like to update you on the washroom here at La Jolla.  This contains a lot of detail, so we will break it into 2 parts – what has occurred from January to June 1 and new updates since June 1st.

First, let’s review what has occurred up to June 1st:

  • On January 17th, 2020, the Health & Sanitation department in Los Cabos informed the HOA Manager that an anonymous complaint had been filed on La Jolla Cluster 1 regarding the lack of bathrooms by the pools. The Health & Sanitation did an onsite visit at that time, tested pool water and reviewed the area.
  • On January 17th, the Health & Sanitation department delivered a notification at the HOA Office indicating the need for 4 bathrooms, a shower and one sink to be installed between the two pools of La Jolla Cluster 1; with negotiation by our HOA Manager, they agreed to not fine us and to allow us to wait until our construction season to construct the bathrooms.
  • On January 31st, the Board of Directors sent an update to homeowners of these events.
  • During the Informational Meeting held on March 7th, Treasurer Rich Rose explained to homeowners that the range of the bathroom construction was estimated to range between $20,000 – $30,00 USD and this project was not currently in the General Assembly approved budget. He further explained that a process of sealed bids would be used to help determine an engineer contractor for construction during the construction season beginning May 31st.

During this Informational Meeting, homeowners discussed the option of taking legal action to challenge the order to building a bathroom based upon La Jolla being a private association of homes and not a public social organization. Renee Galvan, real estate attorney, provided information for the homeowners and stated that individuals could attempt to take such legal action, however, it would require significant funds for the Association to legally represent itself as the legal process could take years in the court.

  • On April 5th, the government offices closed due to Covid-19 and all construction works were mandated by the government to stop. Therefore, neither a license for construction or construction was allowed to start until further notice. Homeowners were sent an update on Covid-19 and the washroom.

New updates as of June 1st: 

  • As of June 1st, the Governor of BCS allowed the governmental offices to re-open and allowed construction to start following the Covid-19 sanitary protocols.
  • On June 8th, the Health and Sanitary department in Los Cabos delivered a new notification to the HOA Office on which they ruled the following: “By the present report that this health authority authorizes the placement of one sanitary service to comply with the procedure initiated with file number SSA/COEPRIS-C04/SA/3/2020, the foregoing derived as a result of  held meeting and meeting the needs of the situation that currently occurs in the country and in our municipality due COVID -19, urging to fully comply with the other anomalies detected under the agreed period.”
  • After receiving the notification, the HOA Manager also received a phone call from the Coordinator of the Health Department, informing her that 4 bathrooms and the shower were no longer necessary and single sanitary service could be constructed to comply with the previous order;  The HOA Manager informed the Board of Directors accordingly, and the Board of Directors has since been working on a bathroom design and location that will meet the Health & Sanitation department new requirements.
  • After further review with two outside engineering and architectural recommendations, The HOA Board of Directors has selected the east end of the D building common area. This location is between the two pools. Attached you will find the design with location information.  BATHROOM DESIGN
  • HOA Management and Board of Directors will continue to work to comply with the Health & Sanitation department in Los Cabos with the goal to complete the construction of the bathroom before the due date, which is October 31st, 2020.

We continue to work together with our Administration during these unprecedented and challenging times to keep you, as homeowners, informed.

Stay tuned for any further updates.

Wishing you all good health!

Board of Directors

Bonnie Robertson – President

Maye Anderson – Vice President

Rich Rose – Treasurer

Terren Roloff – Secretary

Pauline Lightfoot – Member at Large


Nominating Committee Letter – 3 Board Positions to be filled this year

June 26, 2020

Homeowners of La Jolla de Los Cabos

As you know, Civil Association I holds all properties of Cluster I HOA, and Civil Association II serves as administrator of Cluster I HOA.  All Cluster I homeowners are members of Civil Association II.

The Board of these Civil Associations has five members.  Each member serves for a term of two years.  There are three Board vacancies to be filled this year.  Maye Anderson and Richard Rose  will continue to serve the second year of their two-year terms.

The Board of Civil Association II represents the membership in the hiring of the manager and has direct oversight of the operation of the condominium regime.  This Board meets two times a year in March and November.  Each of these meetings lasts about one week.

To comply with the Bylaws of Cluster I HOA these same Board members will be elected to serve a term of one year on the Cluster I HOA Board.

Both of these elections will take place at the General Assembly Meeting scheduled for Saturday, November 14, 2020.  There will be a social gathering Thursday evening, November 12, at which event the homeowners will be able to visit with the candidates.

If you are also interested in placing your name in nomination please submit a brief statement of the relevant experience you bring to La Jolla, your vision for its future, the amount of time you expect to spend there and your availability for meetings.

Please send this information to the Nominating Committee:

Tim Abramoff  tabramoff1@gmail.com

Lori Guichon  llguichon@hotmail.com

Ken Kimble  caboken@yahoo.com


Tim Abramoff, Lori Guichon and Ken Kimble

COVID´s news for Los Cabos and San José area

Dear Homeowners,

We salute you and will like to share positive news for Los Cabos and San José area:

BCS went from alert level 6 to 5: Starting June 15, non-essential activities will be allowed; parks and beaches announced by municipalities will open at 30% capacity. Businesses will welcome one person per 4 m2 (43 SqFt). Hotels are allowed to operate at 30% capacity. This applies to their complementary tourism services.

* Starting June 15, BCS will be in a level 5 alert: which means non-essential activities will be authorized, each business (like restaurants or stores) will be allowed to work at a capacity of 4 m2 (43 SqFt) per person, the open spaces (like parks and beaches) that the municipalities announce will be open at a capacity of 30%, and recreational and sociocultural activities will be allowed.                                                                               * 83 days after the first case of COVID-19 in BCS, there have been 833 cases in BCS (51.7% of what had been anticipated).                                                                               * The capacity to treat COVID-19 in BCS has increased:

– There are 355 hospital beds for COVID-19, and 175 ventilators.                                    * On average, 8% of the hospital beds to treat COVID-19 have been in use, as well as 15% of the ventilators.                                                                                                        * Currently, 45 COVID cases are hospitalized, and 19 are intubated.                               * The rate of COVID infection is stable, at 1.07 persons infected for every new case. If this rate was lower than 1, it would mean we would be having less new infections for every new case.                                                                                                                 * Out of 32 states in Mexico; BCS is in the 29th place in the total COVID cases, the 20th in the lethality rate, and the 31st in the number of deaths from COVID-19.               * 91% of the cases are ambulatory (being treated at home).                                            * One client for every 4 square meters (43 SqFt) is allowed in a business (such as a restaurant or store): this means that in a business that has 20 square meters (215.3 SqFt), 5 clients are allowed.                                                                                               * Physical activities are allowed in open spaces only; not in closed spaces.                    * More information can be found at www.coronavirus.bcs.gob.mx

This is such good news for Baja California Sur, La Jolla staff is ready to go back to this new normal and look forward to see you and the rest of the homeowners soon.

Best Regards,

HOA Office

Annual cleaning 2020 of the carcamo

Dear Homeowners,

Please be advised that on Friday, June 19th, will take place the annual cleaning of the carcamo. There will be a cleaning truck on the parking lot next to our carcamo from 10pm to 1am. We expect some noise during this time. We will appreciate your support on not using the sanitary services while the cleaning works take place. Should have any questions, please feel free to contact the HOA office.

Thanks for your comprehension.

HOA Office

Corona Virus Update – June 2020

June 5, 2020

Dear Homeowners:

We hope this email finds you and your family well and in good health.
As the month of June has begun, we will like to update you on La Jolla and the situation of Covid-19 in San José and Los Cabos area.

State Governor, Carlos Mendoza announced the following starting June 1st:

  • All three levels of government will reinstate their activities in bureaucratic offices.
  • Construction and mining are authorized to resume activities.
  • Hotels will open with 10% of its inventory through the end of June and the beginning of July. Our neighbor Krystal will reopen July 1.
  • All approved preventive protocols will have to be observed accordingly. Those protocols will be published shortly.
  • Social distancing measures will remain in effect until a minimum of June 15.
    The Governor and the Secretary of Health for the state of BCS announced that the number of Covid-19 cases has decreased, however, the emergency is still active. The Government has started a staggered plan to open in a gradual and safe manner.

Lastly, the Governor appealed to the civic conscience of the people of BCS to continue to act with caution and to stay at home as much as needed until all activities reopen in order to avoid an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases.

Starting immediately, the protocols to begin to return to the new normal in our La Jolla community, will no longer require a 14 day quarantine for any new arrivals as long as they comply with the following:

1) Any new arrival that would like to make use of the common areas, whether it is a Homeowner or a guest, will initially be required to check in at the Security shack by the main pool.

-During the check in:

A) The new arrival is required to wear a face mask during the check in process (HOA is not responsible to provide a face mask to guests or homeowners, only to the HOA staff).

B) Use the Hand Gel Sanitizer dispenser available at the Security Schack prior filling in the check-in format.

C) The Security Guard will check the temperature on the forehead of new arrivals with a digital thermometer. If the body temperature exceeds 38°, the Security Guard will suggest the new arrival to get medical attention and will provide a list of phone numbers for nearby Hospitals.

Until their medical condition is clarified, we will kindly ask them to avoid the use of the common areas for the safety of all Residents and Staff.

D) The Security Guard will provide a copy of governmental recommendations based on social distancing, and other protocols that are established to promote a new culture of health and safety here in Los Cabos.

In order to ensure the safety of residents and guests and comply with government regulations, every Security Guard will sanitize the Security shack at the beginning of each shift.  In addition,
our cleaning staff will continue the cleaning of the common area, pool furniture and the HOA Office.

We appeal for your continued support for the health and safety of our La Jolla community by communicating this information to your future guests and renters.

Board of Directors
La Jolla