Hurricane Genevieve Cat. 1 aftermath

Hurricane Genevieve is finally moving away from Cabo.
We experienced rough winds and ongoing  rain during last night.
Some utility poles and palm trees fell down too.
A lot of neighborhoods are without power and water.
La Jolla hasn´t lost the power and water supply is slowly getting back to normal,
as we were finishing the annual water cistern maintenance works prior the Hurricane.
We will maintain in vigilance, we suggest you to contact your property managers or
responsable party in the area to come and inspect your units.
 HOA Office

Hurricane Genevieve – Status August 19

Genevieve continues with a north-northwest trajectory now as a category 3 hurricane.
At 6am (MDT) it was located 160 miles south of the southern tip of BCS; moving toward the north-northwest at close to 9 mph.
On the forecast Genevieve is expected to turn to the northwest this afternoon or tonight. The center of the hurricane is expected to move near but just southwest of the southern portion of the Baja California peninsula tonight and Thursday and move away from the peninsula on Friday.
Maximum sustained winds are near 115 mph (185 km/h) with higher gusts.
Hurricane conditions are possible in the hurricane watch area tonight and Thursday. Tropical storm conditions are expected within the warning area in the southern Baja California peninsula by this afternoon. Tropical storm conditions are possible within the watch area by tonight or Thursday morning.
Genevieve is expected to produce rainfall amounts of 2 to 4 inches with isolated totals of 6 inches across southern portions of Baja California Sur.

Hurricane Genevieve

Dear Homeowners:  Please see below the most updated forecast for Hurricane Genevieve. We suggest youto contact your property manager in order to ensure your unit is ready for the upcoming rains and winds.  If you will like to keep tracking the forecast the link is:

Tuesday, August 18, 2020. 11:12 am. San José del Cabo, BCS.                            Urgent: Hurricane Genevieve category 4.                                                                Interim report. It will pass closer than the estimated to Los Cabos area .

–Current situation and forecast-

Genevieve quickly gained intensity in the wee hours of the morning by generating a well-defined eye and exploding new cloud cores right around the eye.

In the bulletin issued a few minutes ago by the National Hurricane Center of Miami, Florida, (NHC) indicates that Genevieve is a powerful category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale with sustained winds of 215 km / h and greater gusts in its center. It was located 580km South-Southeast of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur and 405km West-Southwest of Manzanillo, Colima.

The translation movement is to the Northwest at a rate of 24km / h (it has already lowered its speed from 31km / h originally). Although its movement is slower, it is estimated that the effects of rain and wind will reach Los Cabos much earlier than expected, due to moving further north in the early morning hours.

Hurricane force winds (most dangerous) extend 45km around the eye, tropical storm force winds extend 240km around from its center (these are the most likely conditions for Los Cabos).

Will it gain more intensity? = Yes, it will have all day today to be close to a category 5, tomorrow as it approach Los Cabos it will begin to lose intensity because it reaches a limit zone where sea temperatures are colder.

– Forecast for the next few hours –

Hurricane Genevieve will pass closer and sooner than expected. All because last night and early today it moved further north and because of its rapid translational movement.

When will the rain effects begin in Los Cabos?

If the hurricane does not compact, this evening (between  5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.) we will already have the first bands of light rain, spreading through Los Cabos and south of La Paz, at times the rain it may be moderate, and at other times it will pause for hours.

Between 10:00 pm  today and 02:00 am (2am) tomorrow, the eye of the hurricane will be located between 280km and 340km to the South-Southwest of Cabo San Lucas. The Tropical Depression force wind and rain effects will already be widespread (although the rain will not be torrential). Possible category 4.

From 08:00 am to 12:00 hours (12pm) tomorrow, Wednesday, the eye of the hurricane will be located about 240km to 260km South-Southwest of Cabo San Lucas. Tropical storm wind conditions and rain will already be felt in Cabo San Lucas, a tourist corridor and to a lesser extent in San José del Cabo. ** Be careful in this period of time it will be important since it will be determined whether or not there will be a direct impact, strong hurricanes usually have an erratic movement. Possible category 3 or 4.

From 12:00 hours (12pm) to 20:00 hours (8pm) the movement of Hurricane Genevieve is estimated to the Northwest passing very close to the south of Baja California Sur between 210km to 240km Southwest of Cabo San Lucas, direct effects wind from a tropical storm will spread from Cabo San Lucas, Migriño, Playa Cerritos to Todos Santos, in San José del Cabo the wind and rain will decrease in the evening. Conditions of Tropical Depression (wind and rain felt in La Paz).

The wind will accelerate more in Cabo Pulmo, La Ribera, Buenavista, Los Barriles because it is a coastal area. Category 2 or 3. Be careful, although it is already in the process of moving away, we are still under extreme surveillance.

From 20:00 hours (8pm) on Wednesday to 08:00 hours (8am) on Thursday, its movement will be slower, the conditions (wind and rain) of Tropical Depression and Tropical Storm will withdraw from Los Cabos and La Paz, now they will move to Puerto Chale, Isla Cresciente, Puerto Cortés, Puerto San Carlos and to a lesser extent to Puerto Adolfo López Mateos. More than rain and wind, in these localities the dangerous thing will be the swell of 1.5 to 2.5 meters. (High waves still in Los Cabos).

Rain in Baja California Sur?

Yes, generalized rain is expected, but the most important thing will be in Los Cabos and La Paz, curiously although the nearest hurricane is expected, the total accumulated rain for now is between 30mm and 55mm, little but do not trust it, it does months that it does not rain that amount so any water runoff through streets and streams can be dangerous.

Water cistern maintenance

Dear Homeowners,

Please be advised that one of the summer projects this year is the cleaning and maintenance of the water cistern. Works will start Monday, August 17th and will be finished by Thursday.

During this works take place, we may suffer intermittent water service suspension. We appeal for your support and understanding as this maintenance works are of high importance.

Should you have any questions, please contact the HOA Office or Security Guard at the complex.

HOA Office