Bathroom project – close to an end

Saturday October 31st, 2020.

Dear Homeowner:

As you are aware, per mandate of the City´s Health and Sanitary Department we are currently finishing the construction of a bathroom on the common areas in between the 2 pools.  La Jolla´s remodeling season comes to an end on October 31st, but we will need an extra week to accomplish this project.

We appeal for your support under this extraordinary situation, as we need to comply with the local authorities.

Thanks for your support,

HOA Office

October update – AGM and other events

October 15, 2020.

Dear Homeowners,

We hope this update finds you and your family healthy and safe.  While this year has been a challenge for all of us and our Families, our La Jolla team has continued working and making progress on important projects that we want to update you on.

Summer Newsletter

Recently our HOA Manager, Sofia, sent out a newsletter via email to all homeowners with the progress completed on the property and grounds.  While the virus restricted construction time this summer, our team was able to make significant progress in the time available. Sofia included great photos and updates.  If you have not read it, we would encourage you to do so, or review it on La Jolla website under Summer Newsletter section: In addition to those projects we would like to update you on a couple of other items.

Paving of La Jolla main road

As we have discussed over the past 4 years at previous AGM Meetings and Informational Meetings,  Cluster I along with the rest of the La Jolla Clusters (Residential, Lomas and Grave) share the main road of the complex called “Paseo La Jolla”.  The last time this road was maintained and repaved was more than 16 years ago and has deteriorated extensively in the past several years, due to the expansion of the Hotel and construction of the 6 story building known as the  La Jolla shopping center. At that time the Construction company in charge of the expansion of the Hotel, committed to pave the road upon completion of the construction. Over the past 2 years, their commitment has not been met, regardless of continued pressure to do so. We, as Cluster I, have taken the following actions to hold the builder of the Hotel accountable:

*Continuous phone contact, email and personal visits to the builder of the Hotel and demanding the fulfillment of the paving road agreement.

*Officially made numerous contacts with the municipal authorities, including the Urban Development Office, to request the fulfillment of the paving road agreement promised by the Hotel builder, with no answer from the authorities.

*Obtained legal counsel to provide opinion and guide us on possible legal actions on this matter.

After none of this was successful, the HOA Manager was sent again to meet with Hotel Builder central offices on the mainland and require the fulfillment of the paving road agreement. This summer the Hotel Builder finally agreed to pay for 50% of the paving works.  Our Cluster 1 HOA Manager contacted the other La Jolla Cluster Administrations (Residential, Lomas and Grave) and they agreed they wanted to see the road paved and agreed to help pay for the remaining 50% in accordance to the percentages established under the common area expense allocations. The total cost of the paving is $35,571.00 usd. The expense allocation for Cluster I under the Cluster Administration, will pay 25% of the cost, approximately $9,083.73 usd.


This year´s annual meeting is scheduled for Saturday November 14th.  We will still hold an in person AGM Meeting at the arroyo seco by implementing the sanitary and distance protocols that the COVID-19 Health authorities in Baja Sur allow at the time of the Meeting. We are also exploring other technological options such as Zoom, in order for homeowners who will not be traveling to La Jolla to participate in the meeting.

For those of you that will not be able join us, you can vote by one of the two ways available:

  1. Proxy held by a homeowner in attendance
  2. Through the recently approved electronic vote (Voted in on last year´s By-Law reform).

You will receive your AGM package early this year, so non attending homeowners are able to submit their electronic votes in the time allocated by law.

We remind you there are 3 Board Vacancies to be filled this year.  Bonnie Robertson, Terren Roloff and Pauline Lightfoot terms expire this year, they have all confirmed they will seek re-election for another two year term.  Additionally, Tony Stevens (Unit E-203) has registered his name to run for a Board position. You will find further information at La Jolla´s website under the Candidates to the Board section:

The traditional potluck party prior the AGM will be suspended this year due Covid-19 but we will be having a virtual forum for candidates through zoom on Thursday November 5th at 5:00 pm Cabo Time. You are able to submit questions ahead of time for the Candidates by sending them to:  Further information and details will be sent to all homeowners soon.


Regretfully, this year due to the pandemic, the Children´s Christmas party for employees will be suspended.  We want to thank the homeowners in charge of this committee: Chris Kellerman and Lori Guichon for their efforts.  They will, through staff members, distribute a gift for each one of the staff children on behalf of homeowners.

Please be on the watch for further updates and information on AGM Agenda and instructions as to how to vote electronically.


Board of Directors

Bonnie Robertson – President                                                                                    Maye Anderson – Vice President                                                                                  Rich Rose – Treasurer                                                                                                  Terren Roloff – Secretary                                                                                               Pauline Lightfoot – Member at large


Electronic Voting Presentation

Our Condolences

Dear Homeowners,

It is with heavy heart that we will like to inform you of the passing of former Homeowner Ardene Janssen.

Ardene was part of the group of original homeowners that purchased a unit in La Jolla many years ago. She partaked on La Jolla community in many ways and will be dearly missed.

On behalf of La Jolla & the staff we will like to express  our condolences to her Family   

HOA Office

Candidates to the Board

The Nominating Committee formed by Tim Abramoff, Lori Guichon and Ken Kimble, will like to inform that there are three Board vacancies to be filled this year:  Bonnie Robertson, Terren Roloff and Pauline Lightfoot terms expire this year.

Bonnie Robertson Bonnie Robertson resume 2020, Terren Roloff and Pauline Lightfoot will seek for re-election for another two year term.

Pauline Lightfoot Resume letter Pauline Lightfoot – Re election

Additionaly, please see below the list of Candidates running for a Board position this year:

A) Unit E-203 Tony Stevens Tony Stevens resume Tony Stevens Vision