Krystal Hotel upcoming event

Dear Homeowner:

Our neighbor Krystal Hotel will be hosting a dinner. Please find details below:

  • Saturday October 23rd, 2021 from 6 pm to 11 pm (with music).

Venue will take place on their beach concession area by the deck. We expect some noise during this time, please take your precautions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the HOA Office, or the Security Guard at the complex.


Small pool – deep cleaning service

Small pool – deep cleaning service

Please be advised that starting today October 18th and during this week, we will be working in the deep cleaning and maintenance of the small pool and its walkways.

During this time, we invite you to use the main pool (bigger pool), as the small pool will be closed starting today and for the rest of the week.

We have already sent notice to the occupied units in house, but we also suggest to inform your guests/renters directly.

Should you have any questions, please contact the HOA Office or Security Guard at the Complex at 624-191-53-05.

HOA Office

Piscina pequeña – servicio de limpieza profunda

Tenga en cuenta que a partir de hoy 18 de octubre y durante esta semana, estaremos trabajando en la limpieza profunda y el mantenimiento de la pequeña piscina y sus pasillos.

Durante este tiempo, lo invitamos a usar la alberca principal (alberca más grande), ya que la alberca pequeña estará cerrada a partir de hoy y por el resto de la semana.

Ya hemos enviado un aviso a las unidades ocupadas en la casa, pero también sugerimos informar a sus huéspedes / inquilinos directamente.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, comuníquese con la Oficina de la Asociación de Propietarios o con el Guardia de Seguridad del Complejo al 624-191-53-05.

Oficina de HOA


Nominating Committee Letter

October 2021

To: Homeowners of La Jolla de Los Cabos                                                                From: The Nominating Committee of La Jolla de Los Cabos

As you know, Civil Association I holds all properties of Cluster I HOA, and Civil Association II serves as administrator of Cluster I HOA.  All Cluster I homeowners are members of Civil Association II.

The Board of these Civil Associations has five members.  Each member serves for a term of two years.  There are two Board vacancies to be filled this year.  Bonnie Robertson, Terren Roloff and Tony Stevens will continue to serve the second year of their two-year terms.

The Board of Civil Association II represents the membership in the hiring of the manager and has direct oversight of the operation of the condominium regime.  This Board meets several times per year and is in continuous communication via email and other electronic devices such as Zoom.

To comply with the Bylaws of Cluster I HOA these same Board members will be elected to serve a term of two years on the Cluster I HOA Board.

Both of these elections will take place at the General Assembly Meeting scheduled for Saturday, November 13, 2021.

The Nominating Committee wants to report that Maye Anderson will not seek re-election to serve another term of two years. We want to thank her for her effort, dedication, and time given during her service at the Board of Directors.  Richard Rose whose term also expires this year will seek for re-election.

The Nominating Committee has received the resume of one candidate, Dan Schutte from unit G-202. If you are also interested in placing your name in nomination please submit no later than October 31st a brief statement of the relevant experience you bring to La Jolla, your vision for its future, the amount of time you expect to spend there and your availability for meetings.

Please send this information to the Nominating Committee:

Tim Abramoff   

Lori Guichon

Ken Kimble


La Jolla Nominating Committee