AGM 2021

Dear Homeowner,

Please find below  the AGM package for the upcoming homeowners annual meeting to be held Saturday November 13th at the arroyo seco area in La Jolla. The rest of the documents have been emailed to homeowners for privacy matters.




PROXY 2021

ElectronicVotingPresentation AGM2021

First call will be at 7:30 AM, requiring a quorum of 75%; second call will be at 8:00 AM, requiring a quorum of 50% plus one of the condominium owners. Third and final call will be at 8:30 AM where those present will constitute the quorum.

For those of you who will not be able attend, you will be able to view the AGM meeting via zoom: For privacy matters, Zoom link has been emailed to all homeowners via La Jolla HOA Updates email address:, please check your trashcan bin on case you don´t find these notifications on your email inbox.

It is important to clarify that attending the AGM Meeting via Zoom doesn´t count as a quorum and you cannot vote via zoom.

We remind you that the only way to vote for the AGM is enunciated on By-Law Art 61 Bis: You can vote 3 different ways: personally by physically attending the AGM, by Proxy or by electronic email.

If you plan viewing the AGM via zoom, please be informed that we will follow the same guidelines implemented on lasts week´s  Zoom Candidates Forum:

Guidelines for the AGM meeting via zoom are the following:

  1. In order to log in to the AGM Meeting 2021 you will need a Zoom account. If you still do not have one, please go to

You do not need to pay a subscription, the basic zoom account that you will need to log in to these Zoom meeting doesn´t require any special setups or features, therefore your subscription will be free of charge.

  1. When joining the zoom meeting, each homeowner will need to display their name and last name (no nicknames) and will be required at signing in to turn ON their camera for at least the initial confirmation (for at least the first 5 minutes of the    meeting) in order to confirm identity. If those requirements are not met, the host of the Forum will ask confirmation from the unknown signer. If the signer does not confirm his/her identity, such signer will be removed from the Forum.

This procedure will be in place for privacy matters and control that exclusively  Cluster I  homeowners are participating in the AGM Meeting.

  1.      The host of the meeting will be the only one able to share documents on the screen of the AGM meeting.
  2.      Zoom AGM meeting participants will remain on mute and can ask questions  through the Zoom chat.
  3. The first call of the AGM Meeting will start at 7:30 am Cabo time. We suggest you log-in 10-15 minutes early in order to allow for participate verification.

For those of you who aren´t familiar with Zoom platform, please find below some online tutorial on how to set up an account and how to use the Zoom platform:

How to set up a Zoom account:

Meeting controls:


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