Dear Homeowners,

As you already know, our Annual Homeowners Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, November 2, 2019. This Homeowners Meeting is very important to gather homeowner input, vote on important issues and gather as a community.

In August of 2016, the Mexican state of California Baja Sur put into place updated and progressive laws regarding condominium co-owner regimes such as ours. In order to comply with these laws currently in place, our By-Laws need to be updated. In some cases, these updates are a very simply language clarification. In other cases, these updates will change materially some of our existing By-Laws (such as the percentage of voting to change by-laws or to modify common use areas). In order to accomplish this and take care of our regular Association business, we will conduct two meetings on November 2.

Here’s how it works:

  • The first meeting, called to order will be the Extraordinary Meeting (it is not an ‘ordinary’ business meeting because it has a special agenda) to specifically discuss and vote on the By-Law changes as recommended by legal counsel and the Board. In order to officially change the By-Laws, and comply with the current Baja Sur Condominium Regime laws, it will currently require 66% of the La Jolla ownership to approve the recommended changes.
  • A completion of the By-Laws voting will then immediately by followed by Ordinary Meeting of the La Jolla Condominium Association with the regular order of business.

The input of homeowners is very important and especially important this year with the need to update our By-Laws. We hope you will plan to attend the November 2 meetings, or be represented by another homeowner via proxy.

If you intend to vote via proxy, please find below the links where you will find the two proxies needed. One proxy for the Extraordinary Meeting to approve recommended By-Laws changes and one proxy for the Ordinary Meeting. Proxies may be emailed to assistant@lajolladeloscabos.com.mx or faxed to 624-142-10-07 or sent to your designated proxy prior to the scheduled meetings.

Please see below the information regarding the recommended By-Law updates. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact any Board Member or our HOA Manager Sofia Briones at 624-142-37-91 or at manager@lajolladeloscabos.com.mx


The Board​ of Directors


Bylaw Proposed Modifications – REVISED

Proxy Extraordinary Meeting 2019


ByLawRevisions Power Point