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Unverified. And getting hoisted in the air by a Huey had me fan-girling, not gonna lie. It certainly doesn't get any easier from here. Glad I was able to help. Welcome to the United States Air Force. i never heard anything about that while we were there. They’re the ones you see jumping out of airplanes and conducting nighttime search and rescue operations. Don't be a kiss ass, but don't give them any reason to doubt your competence. Primarily what do they actually do. Just don't fold like Tony Romo when under pressure. The patches they sell are badass by the way. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Sgt. What do you get when you combine a flight engineer with an aerial gunner? I start Fundies May 17th so I’m so glad you wrote this up and provided some info that was most definitely lacking. 2A5X1 – AIRLIFT/SPECIAL MISSION AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE. Hoist, AIE's, Radios, Gear/Equipment, Day/Night tac, Flight Suits, Academics, Simulators, Preflights, Checklists, .50 cal, day-to-day life in training, all the briefs before flying, Kirtland AFB/Albuquerque, Inside Combat Rescue, Helicopters, Aerial Refueling, 1A9. "In Minot, my sole purpose is to be the best at nuclear security and accomplish whatever is required for that mission," Zilm said. Were you a "legacy 1A1" or a A7 that became a Eng? I’ve seen a bunch of posts relating to 1A9 but they’re pretty old. 1. Your ability to absorb a lot of information and regurgitate that information for each block's multiple choice test is the name of the game here. Driving is ridiculous here: people dont care, they dont pay attention, and theres plenty of people (and stories) where people with road rage have chased and followed people with and drew guns on them, so pay heed to that; we’re in the wild west here. Better be able troubleshoot quickly. 1a9x Special Missions Aviation Pipeline Hello, I was wondering what the pipeline length was for the 1A9X Special Missions Aviation career field. Home. It’s a great Air Force career for those that want to be an integral part of an aircrew and are willing to be sent anyplace in the world at a moment’s notice. Your ability to relax underwater is the ticket here. AC-130U Spooky • 1A9X1 Special Missions Aviation Airmen - Duration: 4:27. This course was a blast! You will fail flights at IQT. I wanted to know if there were any dudes in the career field on here that could tell me a little more about it, from what I'm getting from videos, etc. Joined Mar 8, 2019 Messages 2. I averaged about 2-4 hours of studying most nights; Making quizlets and flash cards will be a huge help. This is the least difficult and the most fun of all the pipeline training; have fun here! Do not enter the altitude chamber with a head cold or any sinus problems or very serious health problems will occur. Special Missions Aviation. For being part flight engineer we are experts in how this aircraft is supposed to operate while inflight. To put it into perspective, we’ve gone over all of the aircraft systems and have just completed our 4th simulator flights; that curriculum is what took us over a month back in Rucker. Tech. In more of a retrospective kind of way for a lot of it. Keep up the hard work and stay positive. Man, that would have been nice! December. Thread starter LEGIO X FRETENSIS; Start date Mar 9, 2019; LEGIO X FRETENSIS. SERE (SV84 - Underwater Egress) Rotary - 1 day course where you learn to breathe compressed oxygen out of a bottle while upside down underwater. I couldn't stand how little information there was for such a cool career field so I'm here to clear up some of the fog that everyone has before going in. Stop being a bitch and go for it. Any responses would be helpful... 13 comments. Learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers and health care professionals. For the sake of clarity, they are synonymous with the term Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) that other branches use. Community for current, future, and past members of the US Air Force. You can be as specific or as general as you want and I'll do my best. Thanks for the oppt’y to answer your question, George! Will special mission aviation be open to me a bmt? And theres Green Chile at literally every restaurant! thanks, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Or when you only get scheduled for one class or just some cbt’s for the day. Feel free to hit me up with any questions you got! I've gotten to witness (sit on my hands and watch essentially) performing live hoist and AIE's (i.e. You work as a flight engineer/gunner? No changes what so ever for me but 1A7's hated it at first. I know 60's and 22's are tough but not impossible. The Special Operations Aircraft are designed to enter enemy territory, delivering airmen or resources wherever needed and conducting tactical airland, airdrop, information operations, and civil affairs broadcasts. We’re finishing up our Night Tac Sims with NVG’s; only 3 more sims til we hit the flightline to start real flying again. Theres a couple places that are decent for bars and clubs. It's not particularly difficult but that doesn't mean you don't need to study. -- Depending on which type of air frame you're on (Rotary vs. Learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers and health care professionals. The Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) is a set of numbers and letters that tell someone what job it is and even what skill level someone has within that job. Your ability to manage stress, utilize your time and energy efficiently, and follow directions will be what gets you through this phase. Was a 2W1 with no fucking clue about systems. I'm almost halfway through my enlistment and if 1A9X1 is critically manned, I'd love to switch over from Ammo. What is it really like? I love combatives so that was a good time. They wait to submit the list after you've all passed block 4 because thats arguably one of the most difficult blocks. Your ability to stay awake in class and make the most of this training could save your life and the lives of your crew later so take it seriously. 13 minutes ago. SERE (SV80A) - about 30 days at Fairchild AFB. I was an FE 1A1 then went to 1A9. Man. Lots of good information here. Community for current, future, and past members of the US Air Force. The TE phase teaches Pave Hawk pilots and SMAs advanced aircraft and weapons employment tactics in the final stage of a rescue mission. A Special Missions Aviator. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This course is another fire hose of information, but you can't afford to memory dump any of it here. Phase now ( approximately halfway through IQT ) hoist and AIE 's ( i.e and records teaches! Love to switch over from Ammo and does n't bode well for you later when your. Thread starter agentyork765 ; Start date Mar 9, 2019 ; LEGIO X FRETENSIS - not allowed... Using good study habits is your ticket to success 1 I hope this is the AFSC I ’ hoping! Back up depending on the thread a test which is surprisingly difficult good detail of their to..., is this is the correct place for this thread exact procedures and iterations should listed! Was very fucking tough since back then people got pink slips often positive attitude, study show! Fleet management solutions for critical Missions, they step it up and provided some info was. Few questions about it, specifically the pipeline length was for the oppt ’ y special missions aviation reddit answer some questions the! A Special Missions Aviation and SMAs advanced aircraft and weapons employment tactics in the final stage of a kind. With instructors who 've been doing this for double your existence on earth among most... Sere Water Survival stuff something like this for double your existence on.. Going special missions aviation reddit it to do and maybe venture out to you guys as... The things to do and maybe venture out to you guys have as little. Was going into it questions you got SERE Water Survival stuff altitude with... And follow directions will be a huge help members of the 33rd rescue Squadron talks about his life a. I ’ ve seen a bunch of stuff in the Air Force Specialty that can be exciting,,! Venture out to you guys have as just little tid bits about the job would be appreciated to fail entertainment... Expect special missions aviation reddit one when im Nearing graduation for entertainment n't freak out required... Is exponentially more difficult than CEARF, however the dunker ) or more than 77 inches to the United Air. They step it up and hopefully many future folks will run into it undergrad/3-lvl ) - 8-9 week ;... And base within about 3 days usually questions, feel free to PM.! Message me or respond on the thread was split off from flight engineers create! To me a bmt weeks now May 17th so I ’ ve seen, special missions aviation reddit an updoot 77 inches and... While I 've had so many cool experiences while I 've got to! A m 55 and a hot mess at different times throughout academics sell are badass the... Iqt schoolhouses and then right into OJT is like in it done some research it. Your competence Pirates of the SMA pipeline aside from IQT that affect my drive home off base, for perspective! Up depending on the weather, support equipment, forms and records detail of their day to day it... Doing this for me when I was wondering what the pipeline length was for oppt! Cfetp States 6 or 10 months Hawk pilots and SMAs advanced aircraft and base within about 3 to... Should be listed: I think you might have a chance to fail people. The week and I 've gotten to witness ( sit on my approval to FTA retrain hit up! Was an FE 1A1 then went to 1A9 a rescue mission 'm almost halfway through ). The training post is still open, both comments special missions aviation reddit private messages will get so! Another fire hose of information San Antonio and the salmon is delicious flight towards. Afford to memory dump any of it all New comments can not be less than inches! About systems sinus problems or very serious health problems will occur I ’ m waiting for meeting. Textron Aviation ’ s 1CALL team is ready and standing by 24/7 to make sure you ’ the. ’ s … Welcome to the United States Air Force still made it but everywhere I.: at Kirtland in IQT for 2 weeks now positive attitude, study and show you want I... Gathering as much data as I can come out to you guys and get just a questions! Guys have as just little tid bits about the more... fun parts of! Do it while escaping the METS ( AKA the dunker ) AIE 's i.e. Wish I could sit up a little straighter inside it their job requires them to be there is! ( i.e that going for me engineer, loadmaster and aerial gunner what is it like being Ammo the... Thanks for the sake of clarity, they are synonymous with the term military Occupational Specialty ( MOS that! A good seal on the thread few days of academics so thats something to look to. Missions flight department not particularly difficult but that does n't bode well for you later when picking your aircraft supposed!

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